The best places to meditate in peace

24 Jan 2020
photo The best places to meditate in peace

Meditation is a way of life; it involves training your mind to focus on something and then redirect your thoughts into a specific goal. According to the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, peace can be taught and it is based on the discovery of each individual's "inner strength, appreciation and hope". It is essential to meditate for some time on a daily basis in order to increase one's awareness of oneself and their surroundings.

Researchers and regular practitioners have discovered the benefits of meditation. Introspection helps any individual to think before acting or making wise decision. It also reduces stress and boosts concentration.

Yet, it is good to know that some places are better than the other when it comes to zen or mindful meditation. Whatever type of meditation you engage in, it is essential to know the best places to meditate in peace for a good result.

Discover our picks for the best places to become serene through meditation

Meditate in your room

The best place to meditate especially for beginner practitioners are in their own room. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a well ventilated and well-lit room. Clean your room, and set a mat on the floor to sit on. It is good if you place it in front of a window with a good view of a tree or a nice garden. If you live in the city, it is more appropriate to design something serene inside the room, like a nice picture of a peaceful landscape. You may need to scent the room for more serenity.

Meditate in Nature

It has been commonplace to meditate in Nature for its promotion of happiness. In Nature, the mind is more relaxed, you can breathe fresh air, hear bird songs, and see other creatures. Monks and religious people have realized the power of meditating in Nature. That is why temples and monasteries are located in the depths of forests.

Meditate far from the city

In addition, meditation in Nature brings a sense of serenity, because it is far from the noise of the big city and traffic jam. Meditators feel refreshed and revived when spending time with a group of practitioners or alone in Nature even for a few days. Furthermore, you feel connected to the earth as you walk bare feet and sit on the soil in the open air. You can imagine getting energy directly from the earth as you are meditating.

Meditate in the mountains

Many religious and spiritual individuals opt for the mountains to meditate. To do so, it is advisable to leave home the day before your spiritual journey to the mountains. The ideal is to start the meditation session early in the morning when the mind is still fresh. Yet, it is also good to meditate in the evening.

Choose a mountain where you can sit under the shade of some trees to feel more relaxed. The good thing about meditating in the mountain is to become grounded and feel more serene. You can unwind at the sight of the beauty and vastness of the landscape around you. It is easier to have access to the inner strength and become mindful when you meditate in front of picturesque scenery.

Join a spiritual retreat camp

Apart from those suggestions, it is also advisable to participate in a spiritual retreat organized by a spiritual coach where many activities are conducted. Prem Rawat, the founder of the TPRF Foundation has taken part in several spiritual retreats to develop his inner peace. There are many interesting retreat camps located in beautiful places all over the world.