How to prepare your room for meditation?

22 Jan 2020
photo How to prepare your room for meditation?

Basically, meditation can be defined as a technique which consists of keeping one's attention on something in order to develop inner peace. During the process, meditators can focus their attention on their breaths or on their heartbeat.

In other situations, it is appropriate to meditate on a word or phrase, which is called a mantra. The main objective of meditation is to train the mind to stay focused on the present time and break the trap of distracting thoughts.

The ambassador of peace Prem Rawat advocates peace education so as to help people discover their inner potentials and mind tranquility. His foundation, which is known as The Prem Rawat Foundation has developed electronic tablets with peace education applications for inmates.

The peace advocate has said in his messages for peace that people in different parts of the world hunger for peace due to conflicts in the society. Yet, it is possible to spend some time for introspection even in your own room. Read and learn how to prepare your room for meditation.

Choose a specific place

The ideal is to choose a small room in your home which is reserved for meditation purposes. However, if it is not possible to do so, then, adjust the position of the furniture in your bedroom in order to allocate a feel-good space. It should not be next to the door, and should be far from the chairs for visitors.

To meditate, it is necessary to have approximately one square meter to sit on your mat and put any necessary equipment. However, if your room is large enough, it is advisable to have a larger meditation spot.

Clean and tidy up your room

Once you have decided on the best spot to carry out your daily self-actualization, it is time to tidy up and arrange the room. Make sure everything is in the right place. For example, it is necessary to put any clothing item in the wardrobe, instead of hanging them everywhere or putting them on chairs.

It is also necessary to arrange everything in the drawers and develop a sense of organization just by entering your room. Avoid putting your shoes under the bed; instead, out them in their appropriate place.

Choose soothing colors to the meditation room

To enhance serenity, it is recommended to meditate in a room which walls have bright colors, like light blue, soft green or white. Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky; green is the color of nature. When seeing these colors, the mind feels tranquil and serene. They help reduce stress and help the mind stay focused on the objectives.

Play relaxing music

Music is essential in meditation as it helps the mind focus on specific objectives, depending on the type of meditation you are working on. It is advisable to play the meditation music some time before you start the meditation process. Those types of music are available on some websites online.

Fresh air and light are equally essential

It is important that the room is well-lit and free from different kinds of smells. For example, if the meditation room is next to the kitchen, your mind can easily get distracted by the smell of food. Thus, it is essential to have a well-ventilated room even if it is not too big. In brief, there are many essential things to prepare for your room in order to achieve a good result in meditation.